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Nocolyse Food

Nocolyse Food is an approved bio-disinfection product for food contact surfaces.
Nocolyse Food is a solution with a base of 7.9% hydrogen peroxide, which must be used with spray devices from the Nocotech range.
Nocolyse Food is suitable for different needs and is available in 1L bottles and 5L, 10L and 20L cans.

Safe peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is released as a dry mist and is safe to use in contact with food and for the health of its users.
Its microbicidal action is invincible, its oxidising power irreversibly destroys the active systems of micro-organism cells.
It is composed of hydrogen peroxide stabilised at 7.9%

A silver-free solution

Nocolyse Food is designed without silver and is perfectly suited to food manufacturing and processing. The biodegradable treatments have no impact on the quality of the finished product, the equipment needed for production and the health of consumers.


The Nocospray / Nocolyse pair complies with
EN 17 272 (bactericide, fungicide, virucide and sporicide).

Manufactured in France by Oxy’Pharm according to ISO 13485.




Stabilised hydrogen peroxide 7.9%

(79 ml/l) • EC=231-765-0 / CAS=7722-84-1.



Biodegradable, residue-free, non-corrosive (including on electronic surfaces), non-toxic, non-allergenic.


The device can easily be transported from one space to another.


Total elimination of resistant micro-organisms.


Very small amount of product needed.


No handling required before and after treatment.