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The prevailing COVID-19 situation is officially declared a global health emergency, posing risks to entire countries and preventing people from living their day to day lives. We offer the solution, an effective and ecological disinfection process for our hotel partners. Our simple process takes minutes and minimizes the risk of infection by using biological chemicals to provide your guests with 100% disinfected rooms at check-in.

Biohygienteknik AB provides a new generation of micro surface disinfection that is biological in nature and involves no risk to guests or the environment. Evolved over three generations of research in the medical and dental space, our BioSpray technology enables treatment of guest rooms, restaurants and larger common and conference areas in an environmentally safe and time effective way. Leaving your hotel biologically clean for your guests andteams.

Our unique treatment utilizes safe quantities of hydrogen peroxide which is ionized to produce a non-corrosive, non-allergenic dry mist. The treatment is efficient against viruses, bacteria, fungicidal activity, spores and mycobacterial activity.

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We're proud to introduce our partnership with leading private jet business Industryflyg as announced in the Swedish financial newspaper, Dagens Industri. The safety and comfort of their passengers is the primary focus for the team and they've chosen BHT as their preferred partner across their fleet.

Alfonso del Corral, CEO of BHT commented, 'Considering the very high standards of Industriflyg, we are extremely proud of our partnership and the confidence they've placed in the BHT products.'
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