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Nocospray Wall Mounted

The Nocospray Wall Mounted is a fixed bio-disinfection device particularly well adapted for vehicles and clean rooms, or more generally for spaces where the device must remain in one place, without any storage constraints. It ensures surface disinfection or insect extermination when paired with our Nocolyse or Oxypy ranges.


A healthy treatment


A dry fog allows a uniform treatment of every cm2 of surfaces, as a preventive or curative measure.
The dry mist naturally degrades without leaving any residue and without corroding surfaces (including electronic and mechanical ones).
Treatment of volumes from 10 to 1,000 m³

An easily programmable pad

A touch pad for quick and easy use for the volume of the room to be treated.
The selection range is between 10 m³ and 1000 m³. The pad also has a step-by-step system that allows the user to select the volume of the room to be treated.


A fixed device


The Nocospray Wall Mounted takes up little space and its special feature is that it is not transportable. It can be mounted to a wall or ceiling.


The Nocospray / Nocolyse pair complies with
EN 17 272 (bactericide, fungicide, virucide and sporicide).

Manufactured in France by Oxy’Pharm according to ISO 13485.


Technical specifications

Dimensions (L x W x H cm): 49.4 x 30 x 34.2 cm

Empty weight: 5.9 kg

Maximal treatment volume: 1,000 m3

Turbine speed: 22,000 rpm

Output speed of the mist: 80 m/s

Average liquid flow rate: 1000 ml/h

Storage conditions:

Temperature: 0°C to 70°C

Humidity: 10% to 95%

Power: 1000 W

Average particle size: <5 μ


Biodegradable, residue-free, non-corrosive (including on electronic surfaces), non-toxic, non-allergenic.


The device can easily be transported from one space to another.


Total elimination of resistant micro-organisms.


Very small amount of product needed.


No handling required before and after treatment.